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Our Business

Reliable and sustainable production of limestone of various sizes for cement or other application of limestone for quick lime factories, smelters, feed mills, etc.

Many former mining sites have been partially or totally damaged. PSP has the ability to rehabilitate and revitalize such sites and turn them into productive areas for eco-tourism, industrial parks, and housing estates.

To design and construct long lasting heavy-duty pavement for public, residential or industrial roads by using the technologies which we have mastered for the last 30 years; namely CTB (Cement Treated Based), paved by high strength paving blocks.



Over 32 years experience

in Surface Mining


PT Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa (PSP) is mining contractor with capabilities in Surface Mining (SM) operations for 32 years in Indonesia.


Why Work with Us

 PSP is pioneer of Continous Surface Mining as the crushing alternative In Indonesia
Having a Central Workshop for unit maintenance & supporting
PSP has 15 Unit Surface Miner & Backup unit always available
One Surface Miner unit equivalent to eight rock breaker in terms of productivity





Using the world's best practice in global supply chain for parts or components.



Project References

Our Customers

Featured News

PT Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa (PSP) menggelar acara “PSP22" di Workshop PT Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa, Citeureup pada 15 Juni - 13 Juli 2023 dengan mengundang beberapa vendor dan customer yang menjadi relasi bisnis PSP. 

PT Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa (PSP) mendatangkan unit terbaru yaitu SM 2500 dengan merek Wirtgen. Unit ini merupakan unit ke-22 dari PSP yang dinamakan SM 22.

PT Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa (PSP) sebagai kontraktor pertambangan berkomitmen untuk mengedepankan sustainability dengan menerapkan Surface Mining dalam setiap proyek yang berjalan.

Limestone atau yang lebih dikenal dengan Batu Gamping memiliki banyak fungsi, mulai dari konstruksi dan juga dalam industri lain yang banyak digunakan saat ini, terutama dalam pengaspalan jalan sebagai pengganti agregat.

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