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For different kinds of minerals; limestone, nickel, bentonite, dolomite, bauxite, silica sand and copper mining of any kind of hardness and various end product sizes to serve nickel, steel smelters, feed mills industry and power plants.


Rock Excavation using Surface miner  ( SM ) to form accurate site preparation without blasting.
Surface miner tool (SM) is very suitable for excavation work in large, areas, SM produces rock excavation in the form of material with a maximum size of 15 cm and the size can be reduced as needed, with gradation easy to compact.
The excavated stone from SM can be directly used as an embankment (with easy compaction) material where this will significant reduce costs, due to no primary crushing.
In addition to, SM is very suitable for site preparation subgrade that is accurate with a tolerance level of 2 cm. 



Open cut tunneling using SM for vertical road realignment.
Formation of slopes from rock excavation work for open tunnels is a very important item but it is difficult to produce using other tools.
SM is copable to execute slope formation work where the process is carried out layer by layer following the rock excavation work, without using any excavator.

The result is a neat slope shape according to the required design.



Design & construct of heavy duty pavement and lay down storage area (such as container yard).
For design & construction work, PT PSP always uses the locally available materials to provide cost efficiency for the owner. (such as limestone in Tuban)

Sampling of materials in the field, and then testing in the laboratory in order to obtain basic properties and material strength characteristics that will be used as design parameters.

As for the pavement layer, cement treated base (CTB) + concrete Paving Block (CPB) high strength (50 MPa).



Pavement road and parking area using cement treated base (CTB ) & Concrete Paving Block (CPB).
PT PSP is very experienced in pavement work using cement treated base (CTB) + concrete Paving Block (CPB) construction since 30 years.
Because this construction is the best solution in terms of:
- Speed of construction execution.
- Ability to accept heavy duty load (static & dynamic loads).
- Ease of maintenance due to heavy duty loading.

Because this construction is the best solution in terms of:
- Concrete Paving Block ( CPB ), 50 MPa strength 10 cm thick 
- Sand bedding t: 5 cm
- Cement treated base ( CTB ), UCS : 32 kg/cm2, CBR : 90%, t : 40 cm


Civil Works


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